Seeking a Treasurer

Coro Allegro is seeking a volunteer treasurer to join the Executive Committee of its volunteer Board of Directors.

The Role of the Treasurer is to ensure that Coro Allegro is a good steward of charitable donations and the tax-exempt status, providing oversight of the organization's fiscal integrity and assisting the board in meeting its mandate to govern.

The Treasurer has full knowledge of all organization holdings and assets, is authorized to sign checks (along with the Board President), approve the expenditure of funds, is responsible for the keeping of an accurate record of all financial transactions, and monitors income and expenditures.

Responsibilities include:


* Approve expenditures/invoices within the annual budget approved by the Board
* Sign checks for approved expenditures
* Manage investments in order to maintain adequate cash flow


* Submit payroll information to payroll processing vendor (currently Paychex)
* Review and balance bank accounts

For monthly Board meetings (first Thursday of each month)

* Prepare a detailed income-expense report for current fiscal year including current, budget, and projected end-of-year data for each line item
* Prepare a summary income-expense report for current fiscal year
* Prepare Statement of Financial Position report for current fiscal year
* Be prepared to discuss financial health of the organization with the Board


* Prepare documentation and materials for Accountant to file 990 non-profit yearly report (any time after September 1st for previous fiscal year).
* Prepare annual budget for Board approval
* Prepare a projected three to five year financial forecast budget for Board approval

Interested applicants should contact our executive director, Kevin Neel, at or at (617) 236-4011.