Coro Allegro is supported by a dedicated group of talented professionals, and through the generosity of volunteers. If you have any interest in volunteering to help produce our concerts, please contact us at or by calling (617) 236-4011.

Artistic Staff

David Hodgkins, Artistic Director
Darryl Hollister, Accompanist

Administration Staff

Kevin Neel, Executive Director
Yoshi Campbell, Marketing & Audience Development Director
Cashman Kerr Prince, Office Manager


Jacob Sagrans, Annual Fund
Ruthie Miller, Events
Martina Anderson, Grants
Michael Andree, Marketing & Audience Development
AnaCristina Deschamps, Membership
Steve Vorenberg, Technology

Chorus Staff

Audrey Lambert, Chorus Manager
Anne C. Moore, Music Librarian
Yoshi Campbell, Program & Rehearsal Notes
Tom Regan, Program Book Editor
Neva Corbo-Hudak, Graphic Designer
Tammy Ngai, Webmaster