What the press is saying...

"Though Coro Allegro, Heritage Chorale of New Haven, and their directors will likely occupy a political niche for years to come, their high musical standards ensure that general audiences will flock to hear them at least as often for artistic reasons. Long may they prosper!" —Geoffrey, Wieting, The Boston Musical Intelligencer, 2019

"Throughout the afternoon, Coro Allegro’s tireless and accurate sound broke forth with a distinctive character. One rarely hears straight singing paired with emotional investment like this! Shapeliness, well-considered dynamics, and youthful sound prevailed and abided with them, and in the a cappella portions, pitch never wavered. Thus sang surely one of Boston’s fine volunteer choruses. . . . the music spoke to the heart." – Lee Eiseman, Boston Musical Intelligencer, 2018

Coro Allegro's [concert]...juxtapos[es] the ongoing struggle for LGBTI rights worldwide with the struggles against racism in America. That all must stand against injustice...was the overriding message. The performers' devotion to it...[and] the music was unmistakable. — Teri Kowiak, Boston Musical Intelligencer, 2016

"After my first time hearing Coro Allegro, I could literally kick myself — this was one of the most exciting, vibrant, and polished concerts I have heard recently. Everyone brought his A-game, and it showed." — Cashman Kerr Prince, Boston Musical Intelligencer, 2013

"These are deeply affecting pieces and meaningful additions to the choral repertoire. … The Boston‑based Coro Allegro, led by David Hodgkins, performs each score with fine balance and interplay." — Donald Rosenberg, Gramophone, 2012

"Coro Allegro successfully delivered the joy, grief, and nostalgia inherent in each of these complex works. Hodgkins’ connection with the vocalists is apparent, the power he draws from them and the music is a pleasure to hear." — Melanie O'Neill, Arts Fuse, 2012

"The performance was excellent. Under conductor David Hodgkins, the combined choruses realized the score's demands with confidence and stamina." — Matthew Guerrieri, Boston Globe, 2011

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What the audience is saying...

"What an incredibly powerful and moving experience. I loved your concert and will continue to think about it for a long time. Congratulations!" – Sharon

"Yesterday we expanded our horizons. We attended a choral music concert at Sanders Theater of Boston's LGBTQ+ and Allied Classical Chorus, Coro Allegro . . . One of their singers had promised that Syrian American composer Kareem Roustom's movements, based on street chants of the Arab Spring plus Arab and Arab-American poetry of resistance and exodus, "were fire." She was right. It was so moving and so gorgeous and the poetry set to voice and orchestration was super cool."​​ – Bethany

"Huge thanks and congratulations to Coro Allegro for a beautiful concert today!  #chorus #classicalmusic #inspiring #lent #justice #gratitude #joy." – An instagram user

"This was my first Coro Allegro concert and I was astounded by the quality of the performance. … [E]verything was tight and clear. A first-rate performance: Go see them!" - Ruth

"The collaborative efforts of composer, director, singers and musicians were such a joy to witness. This choral group is a gift to the city of Boston." - Ralph

"I have literally been moved to tears on several occasions. If you haven't seen them yet - GO!” - Sean

"Never have I heard a choir sing so completely as one. Breathing together, feeling together and blending so beautifully as to make it seem as though the group possesses one beautiful voice." - Laurel

"I have seen several of their performances now, and they never cease to amaze me with their consistent level of excellence and wonderful choice of material." - Bonnie

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