Move Coro Allegro Forward

We sing with pride. Help us be ready to sing live again.

From now through Pride, June 13, 2021, members of Boston’s LGBTQ+ and allied classical chorus are walking, moving, and making things happen to Move Coro Allegro Forward. Our goal is to put Coro in a great position to present live concerts again as soon as it’s safe to do so — while sustaining the creative, inclusive online programming we are sharing in the meantime. Will you help by sponsoring us?

Why we are asking for your support: Coro Allegro has transformed itself during this challenging year.  We’ve performed in the Terezin Music Foundation’s Concert Film with artists from around the world; We've premiered a new Amplifying Black Voices series featuring Black artists with whom we’ve partnered; and launched a Coro Academy to bolster our musical skills so we can come back stronger than ever. To support this work, we’ve won grants, hosted moving and fun events, and been sustained and inspired by the contributions of our loyal supporters. But the pandemic has stretched far longer than anyone could have imagined. We need your help.

Please sponsor us.

From now to Pride weekend, June 13, 2021,  we are taking action to Move Coro Allegro Forward because we are proud of our mission to build bridges through extraordinary music.

Thank you for being Coro family. We could not have survived these challenging times without the support of people like you. You understand the profound role music and the arts play in our lives, especially when they affirm our common humanity as Coro Allegro’s concerts so beautifully do. We are so close to a world where performing in person is a manageable risk.

Let’s Move Coro Allegro Forward together so we’ll be ready when it’s time to meet up on stage again.

Thank you! We can’t wait to see you there.