Audience Reviews for
Amplifying Black Voices 


"Brilliant start to the ABV series Great, great job!!"

"Incredibly powerful, relevant, and timely”

"Thank you to FredO and Coro Allegro. How amazing is this music!"

“ It was wonderful! I can't wait for the next one.”

"Phenomenal job Coro! I am so enjoying this re-celebration of all your great work and support for Fred and so many Black composers!"

"Congratulations! Brava!”

"Phenomenal job, Coro"

"Very illuminating discussion and presentation.”

"Thank you, FredO, for your take on "classical music”"

"Wonderful music, poem and enlightening conversation"

"This was so amazing! I really loved watching and learning (and re-learning) so many good things about the concert and how much effort went into making it. You all did so well and I’m excited to see what comes next!”

“The program was spectacular. Good for you!"

"How beautiful!!"

"It was a wonderful event!  I learned a lot - FredO is so brilliant!  And what a joy to hear Darryl play again. A huge thank you to all who participated."

"Terrific job! Thank you for putting this together. The interviews were wonderful."

"I was so thrilled to get to watch/hear this! Truly wonderful presentation!"

"I am so honored to have been in the orchestra playing this great music with you!  When is the next one coming?"

"Big congratulations for staging such a moving, interesting and successful event. All I can say is that I got teary at several points.”

"Had the great priviledge to listen to Coro Allegro'ss lecture on “A Cantata of the People.' So moving, thank you."

"Wonderful production"

"What a powerful event!  So well done"

"The explanation places this in context to help me further understand the impact of this commission. Incredibly powerful, relevant, and timely. Thank you to all who have provided this opportunity."

"Such an interesting and poignant mix of styles to illustrate the text/message."

"Very illuminating discussion and presentation."

"Wonderful program! Thank you all for sharing with us this afternoon!"

"Wonderfully done!"

"This is tremendous